Iran Protests: at Least 378 People Including 47 Children Killed/IHRNGO Warns of Escalating State Disinformation Campaign

Nov. 19, 2022, 1:53 p.m.

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); November 19, 2022: At least 378 people including 47 children and 27 women have been killed by security forces in the ongoing nationwide protests.

As the number of slain rapidly rises, Islamic Republic forces refuse to accept responsibility and attribute the killings to terrorist and foreign groups. Iran Human Rights warns of this disinformation campaign escalating in the days leading to the UN Human Rights Council Special Session on Iran on November 24. The Organisation also reiterates the importance of establishing an accountability mechanism under UN supervision to prevent further killing of protesters.

Director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said: “The purpose of the disinformation campaigns and attributing the killing of protesters to foreign armed groups is to pave the way for an even more widespread use of live ammunition against protesters.” He added: “Based on our information, the killing of protesters were committed exclusively by the Islamic Republic’s repressive forces. The responsibility for the killing of protesters rests solely with the Islamic Republic and its leader, Ali Khamenei.”

On November 24, the UN Human Rights Council is holding a Special Session to address the deteriorating human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the establishment of a special mechanism.

According to information obtained by Iran Human Rights, at least 378 people including 47 children have been killed by security forces in the nationwide protests so far. Of the 47 children, nine were girls and three were Afghan-nationals. The 47 children were all under 18 years of age, but have not all been verified through document evidence. Iran Human Rights is working to obtain confirmation of their ages.

Death Toll by Province

Protesters have been killed in 25 provinces, with the most reported in Sistan and Baluchistan, Kurdistan, Tehran, Western Azerbaijan, Mazandaran and Gilan respectively.

In the last week alone, over 40 protesters were killed by state security forces.

Deaths have been recorded in 25 provinces: Sistan and Baluchistan: 123 people; Kurdistan: 40 people;  Tehran: 40 people; Western Azerbaijan: 39 people; Mazandaran: 33 people;  Gilan: 23 people; Alborz: 15 people; Kermanshah: 14 people;Khuzestan: 9 people; Khorasan-Razavi: 5 people; Isfahan: 5 people; Zanjan: 4 people; East Azerbaijan: 4 people; Lorestan: 3 people; Markazi: 3 people; Qazvin: 3 people; Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad: 2 people; Ardabil: 2 people; Ilam: 2 people;  Hamedan: 2 people; Bushehr: 2 people; Fars: 2 people; Semnan: 1 person; Kerman: 1 person; Hormozgan: 1 person.

The most number of deaths were recorded on 21, 22 and 30 September (Baluchistan’s “Bloody Friday”. November 4 was the bloodiest day this month with 21 recorded deaths.

Numbers are a “minimum”

The numbers of deaths published are an absolute minimum. Reports of protester killings in the last few days are still being investigated. Iran Human Rights has received a high volume of reports of deaths which it continues to investigate with security considerations and internet disruptions. The actual number of people killed therefore, is certainly higher.