/ IHRights#Iran: Hossein Amaninejad and Hamed Yavari were executed in Hamedan Central Prison on 11 June. Hossein was arrested… https://t.co/3lnMTwFH6z13 Jun
We aim to create an abolitionist movement in Iran by increasing awareness about the death penalty.

About Us

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO) is a non-profit, human rights organization with members inside and outside Iran. It is a non partisan and politically independent organization with its base in Oslo, Norway. 


IHRNGO has active and supporting members in Iran, USA, Canada, Japan and several European countries. The organization started as a network of Iranian and non-Iranian human rights defenders in 2005. It was registered in Norway as an international in 2009.


This site is the official news site of IHRNGO which was initiated in 2007. IHRNGO is the main body of the organization while there are two local supporting sections in Italy and Norway


Reporting about the death penalty in Iran has been the main focus of the website. IHRNGO’s aim has been to create an abolitionist movement in Iran by increasing awareness about the death penalty. In recent years the number of executions in Iran has been rising and there are now a growing number of human rights defenders, groups and even political organizations giving attention to the death penalty.


In 2009, IHRNGO became a member of the World Coalition against Death Penalty (WCADP) and is one of the twenty elected members of its steering committee.


Besides the death penalty IHR aims at monitoring other human rights issues such as rights of the ethnic and religious minorities, women, children, human rights defenders and environment in the future. In order to improve, we depend on your news, criticism and advice. You can also contribute to our work by becoming a member in IHR or by donations.

Our Vision

Building a strong civil society, through empowerment of the citizens, promoting and defending the human rights as described in the universal declaration of the human rights. Defending the right to life, equal rights without any discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religious and political belief, and sexual orientation, the rights of the child, and the protection of the environment will be the core of our work.