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Protester Mojahed Kourkour Sentenced to Death as Cover-up for Kian Pirfalak’s State Killing

7 Apr 23
Protester Mojahed Kourkour Sentenced to Death as Cover-up for Kian Pirfalak’s State Killing

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); April 7, 2023: Mojahed (Abbas) Kourkour who was arrested during the nationwide protests in Izeh, has been sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court. On November 16, 10-year-old Kian Pirfalak and several others were shot by security forces. Mojahed and his co-defendants, Human Seidali and Bahman Bahmani have been scapegoated as the perpetrators of those murders.

Condemning the false charges and use of the cruel and inhumane death penalty against protesters, Iran Human Rights demands an independent investigation outside the jurisdiction of Islamic Republic authorities into the case of Kian Pirfalak and all others killed in the nationwide protests.

Director, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam said: “The cruel and unlawful death sentence against Mojahed Kourkour was issued for the sole purpose of creating societal fear and covering up the murder of Kian Pirfalak. The responsibility for the murder of Kian and at least 67 other children rests solely with Ali Khamenei and the forces under his command. They are the ones who should be held accountable for these crimes.”

Abbas Kourkouri, known as Mojahed Kourkour was arrested during the nationwide protests in Izeh on December 20. The Islamic Republic’s judiciary announced news of his death sentence at the preliminary trial at the Ahvaz Revolutionary Court today. 

According to the judiciary, Mojahed Kourkour’s charges are: “moharebeh (enmity against god) through drawing a weapon with the intention to kill people and create fear, efsad-fil-arz (corruption on earth) committed through firing a war weapon, disrupting public order, causing harm to physical integrity of seven people including Kian Pirfalak, causing major damage to public and private property, forming a baghy group and its membership through armed rebellion against the government (baghy/armed rebellion).”

Kian Pirfalak’s parents, uncle and lawyer have previously stated that his murder was carried out by security forces and they have no complaints against Mojahed Kourkour.

Speaking to Iran Human Rights, an informed source said: “Mojahed Kourkour wasn’t even at the protest on the night of November 16 when seven people including Kian Pirfalak were killed. He took to the streets in protest to these brutal killings the next day. That’s when he was identified and arrested 40 days later.”

On December 20, security forces attacked a house in Porsourakh village in Ghaleh Tal city, located in Khuzestan province. Two people named Hassan Saeedi and Mahmood Ahmadi were killed in the attack and two people were arrested. Mojahed Kourkour was shot during his arrest.

Mojahed’s foced confessions were aired on December 30 prior to the commencement of his legal proceedings. According to informed sources, Human Seidali who was arrested with Mojahed, and Bahman Bahmani are co-defendants in the case while “Bahman Bahmani wasn’t even with them and wasn’t even in Porsourakh village on the day of the attack by security forces. But they forced him to say that he was with them.”

The source continued: “So far, they haven’t allowed Mojahed Kourkour’s family to visit him and the family don’t even know where exactly he’s being held. He has only been permitted to make calls to his family on an irregular basis. In the calls, he said the bullet was removed from his leg but didn’t complete the treatment, to the point that he nearly lost his leg. They also didn’t let the family hire a lawyer for him and a court-appointed lawyer was present at his trial.”

Mojahed Kourkour has also been indicted by Branch One of the Ahvaz Criminal Court for the murder of Kian Pirfalak. It seems that authorities want to cover up the role of their repressive forces in the murder of seven people including Kian Pirfalak by executing innocent protesters. Iran Human Rights calls on the international community to take urgent action to prevent his execution while there is still time.