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Protester Mohammad Ghobadlu Executed in Karaj

23 Jan
Protester Mohammad Ghobadlu Executed in Karaj

Iran Human Rights (IHRNGO); January 23, 2024: State media reported the execution of “Woman, Life, Freedom” protester Mohammad Ghobadlu in Ghezelhesar Prison. He was awaiting retrial after his death sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court, per his lawyer.

Iran Human Rights condemns Mohammad Ghobadlu’s execution in the strongest terms and calls on the international community to stop the Islamic Republic’s execution machine by creating strong backlash.

Director, Mahmoud Amiry-Moghaddam said: “Mohammad Ghobadlu’s execution is an extrajudicial killing according to international law and the Islamic Republic’s own laws. Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Republic’s corrupt judiciary must be held accountable! We call on the international community and countries with diplomatic relations to condemn Mohammad Ghobadlu’s execution in the strongest terms and prevent further executions by raising their political cost through effective action.”

According to the Judiciary’s Mizan news agency, protester Mohammad Ghobadlu was executed in Ghezelhesar Prison on 23 January.

Mohammad Ghobadlu was a 23-year-old protester arrested on 22 September 2022 during the nationwide “Woman, Life, Freedom” protests in Tehran. He faced death penalty charges for the same alleged offence in both the Revolutionary and Criminal Courts.

Mohammad was tried in a group trial at the Revolutionary Court on 29 October 2022. Without his lawyer and basic fair trial rights, Mohammad was sentenced to death for “efsad-fil-arz (corruption on earth) through large-scale action against police by crashing into police with a car that caused the death of Farid Karampour Hasanvand and the injury of 5 police officers.” His sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court on 24 December 2022. Four subsequent appeal applications were rejected but a stay of execution was granted to prioritise the murder charges at the Criminal Court.

Mohammad Ghobadlu facing "death judge" Salavati at the Revolutionary Court during his group trial

On 10 December 2022, Mohammad was tried for murder by Branch One of the Tehran Criminal Court where his bipolar disorder was raised by his lawyers. Court reconvened after conducting further investigations but ultimately relied on the original Forensic Medical Organisation opinion to sentence him to death. On 23 January 2023, the Supreme Court accepted his appeal which was subsequently upheld on 23 May.

Mohammad Ghobadlu pictured at the Criminal Court 

On 26 July, Mohammad’s sentence was overturned by Branch 1 of the Supreme Court and sent for retrial at a court of equal standing. Despite months passing, Branch 5 of the First Criminal Court in Tehran did not receive his case file and sought guidance from the Supreme Court. The last notification received by his lawyers on 2 January 2024 stated that the retrial was "currently cancelled subject to the outcome of the investigation by Branch 39 of the Supreme Court." His lawyers were notified at 5pm on 22 January, after office hours, that his execution would be carried out on 23 January. 

Mohammad Ghobadlu is the ninth “Woman, Life, Freedom” protester to be executed. At least 49 people have been executed in 2024.